Video Audio Flash Streaming

Video Audio Flash Streaming "Seeing is believing", the old phrase has turned very much popular now, with new web 2.0 standards becoming popular and with more and more people asking for the real footage of product, services, news and events, Video, audio and flash streaming are the current and next thing to watch out for.

We at concept Infoway identified that video, audio and flash streaming development and implementation was going to be future hence way back in 2005, we started our research on it and achieved a good milestone for the same. We created couple of sites in 2005 which gave us a very good on hand experience about video audio and flash development in India.

With this skills getting matured and with more projects under our belt for video audio and flash streaming development in India, we have mastered this technology and integrated with various web applications, portals, ecommerce sites and news sections.

Benefits of Video Audio Flash Streaming India

- Faster relay of audio and video media using reasonable bandwidth
- Streaming allows buffering and playing of media using browser
- Live experience enables customers to see your product and services in action which makes them believe in what you want to sell them
- Played on standard plug-in available on all browsers which enables access of video and audio content by large pool of people
- Content is secured and cannot be copied
- Dynamic video encoding, so you can upload video in almost any popular formats and our encoding engines can convert it into streaming format to play
- online using flash player plug-in which is installed on most machines nowadays
- Better search results and SEO gain, with more videos on site and submitted to search engines; you get good ranking in video search.
- High quality video and audio presentation online without waiting for user to download file and play it locally on their desktop and many other advantages

We have worked with various encoding and video streaming technologies, and have solutions ready to cater almost any size and segment of business that requires video audio and flash development done in India for their website, application, broadcasting, services or products. We also provide AUDIO, VIDEO and flash streaming hosting, also known as FLV Streaming hosting.