Benefits of outsourcing application / software development to Optotelelinks
- Experienced professionals having multiple skill sets.
- Professional management of any application development to satisfy client.
- Large pool of professional web developers having years of experience.
- ISO 9001-2000 Certified Web Development Process for maximum customer satisfaction.
- Quality Documentation and Process oriented approach to deliver of time.
- Bi-weekly status reporting on projects under development.
- Risk sharing in project development and project turnaround time.
- Get more man-month output in less pay.
- Availability of diversified technology resources not available in-house.
- To invest more in your business development activities from the savings of low outsourced project development costs.
- Reduce investment in hardware, premises, software licenses and manpower while going for business expansion.
- Explore the advantages of staff capabilities having domain specific knowledge.
- Excellent communication infrastructure and skills.
- Experience of 200 Plus projects developed for overseas clients.
- Better pricing with zero compromise approach.
- 24 X 7 Development operations so we can be aligned to suit clients needs.
- Bug tracking and feature request system through client extranet setup.
- Strong Communication on Email / Messenger (MSN, Yahoo, Skype) and Phone.
- Flexible project cost options. [Fixed price or Hourly Price].

Our commitment towards our offshore development partners
- Transparent working and long term relationships.
- Completion of project within given time frame and budget.
- More than 50% savings on project cost.
- Consistent Quality.
- Process Improvement.
- Technology Enhancement and more and for most Supply as per commitment.