Client Access

Optotelelinks is equipped with state of the art infrastructure which establishes a transparent relationship between our team and our clients. We are equipped with several tools developed in-house over the period of 5 years, which allows client to get all the required information about project, issue status, timelines, time cards etc. whether it is a fix price client or a client working with dedicated resources we provide clients following system access.

1. Work flow tracking system

The work flow tracking system allows the clients to
- Track / monitor the work on daily / hourly basis at his time using our work flow tracking system
- Client can use this software 24 X 7 which is hosted on our in-house network and accessible via secure internet URL, which can be access from anytime, anywhere using a browser.
- This enables a complete transparent system between our team and client, as client can see the no of hours spent on any module.
- Track the project status / module timeline, and expected date of Delivery.
- The system allows the client to add task to the developers so the client can plan the work even the resource is working in different shift / time zone.
- Client can also see the timesheets filled by the developers so he can ascertain the work, its speed and can plan the resources accordingly.
- The system also eliminates the reporting procedure, though our project managers are more than happy to provide a consolidated report if client requires the same.
- Using the work flow system client can also see the dashboard of the project, which is a summary of all work done, what phases the module / project is currently in, and what kind of activity [surfing, discussion, solution research, bug solving etc.] is taking place.
- Using this system client can feel like he is watching his staff as if the staff is sitting in house. Yet this system allows the flexibility in such a way that client can access this system anytime anywhere he wants. As we understand that the problems with the offshore development proximity and time zone differences.
- Also not to mention this system evolves and changes as per the client requirement and best practices.
- Please feel free to look at some screen shots of our work flow tracking system, or you can request an online demo in which our representative will be more than happy to show you the glance of the system.

2. Issue Manager [Bug tracking system]

Issue manager system is a very important system that is being used by our internal QC [Quality control] team and our clients. This system also provides a transparent way to track the bugs, its recurrences, type of bugs to ensure that we constantly take the measures to improve our work quality and reliable product delivery. As we believe that learning is an constant process in information technology field.

Following are the benefits / activities that a user can achieve from our Bug Tracking System.
- Instead of long emails client / QC can post the bug into the bug tracking system which is assigned a numeric ID, which is then referred there onwards for any reference to that issue.
- This system allows a very detailed tracking of any issue, which is monitored by the head of QC department.
- Clients / QC team can upload images / screen shots / reference material for the explanation.
     - Once the bug is submitted the email is generated and sent to the developers with the issue number.
     - Once the bug is resolved the developer marks it “resolved” and the email is sent to the QC to verify the issue, and mark as "complete".
     - Once the issue is marked "complete" the email is then sent to the client stating the issue complete and then client can verify that issue and mark it "closed"
- Using this software both team and client can manage the changes that are additionally required. All changes can be tracked by this system
- Each bug falls under a particular milestone and a phase. So it helps the team to decide the priorities in order to plan a beta release or roll out of any project.

3. Client access to the development server

At Optotelelinks we are equipped with a very strong and reliable network which allows us to monitor the activities on development server. Also for our technical clients who would like to do a sneak preview or code themselves into our system, we can on demand provide the access to the development server using
- IPSEC [VPN] using fortinet client
- Access to the stating server so client can view the modules when they are in the development / beta or final release phase.
- In certain cases, if required client also has ftp access to the development server.