Business Process Automation

- Are you running your business manually with lot of human resources?
- Is your current software out of date and cannot run on new systems?
- Can't your existing system generate the reports you want?
- Do you need new technologies and features in your business process?
Does your client demand online reports and inventory?

If you have any of these issues with your current business, Optotelelinks can help you automate your complete business process. We have a strong team of analyst who can understand your business and come up with a blue print to make the business online, with new software technologies, which can make your business process automated.

Optotelelinks in last more than 9 years have automated several business processes, may it be
- Mortgage industry
- Online marriage bureau
- Restaurant Billing system
- Insurance agency management software
- Inventory keeping
- Medical prescription automation
- Booking management system for online rentals of properties
- Financial account system
- Data ware housing
- MIS reporting system
- Sales / marketing application
- Lead generation application
- HR automation
- Online quote and bidding system and MANY more

We have automated almost all kind of business. With business process automation you can avail many benefits like
- Reduce labor cost as the system runs automatically
- Get reports on demand and even automatically in your mailbox
- Flexibility to do more calculations while comparing data which would otherwise take days or months doing it manually
- Information at finger tips, as you can access information from Mobile, PDA, browser or any remote machine
- Export data to any other format like XLS, CSV and PDF for presentation of further calculations
- Graphical presentation of data using charts, Estimates, Timelines
- Custom reports and modules as per your requirement tailor made for you
- Extension of existing IT system
- Data mining, data archiving, data analysis as per your requirement

And much more, and with our teams expertise in making your business process automatic, user friendly and scalable at much lesser price by outsourcing software development in India to Optotelelinks.