SEO Development / Internet Marketing

Every day thousands of people search the Internet for businesses just like yours. Surveys show that over 85% of Internet users find new websites by using search engines. Unless your website appears prominently on major search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN , you can be sure those potential customers will go elsewhere for their products and services.

Fortunately, obtaining a prominent listing on the search engines is not an accident. There is something you can do to help get top rankings for your website.

It's called Search Engine Marketing, and that's what we do. We work with businesses that need high visibility for their websites. By combining industry-leading search engine optimization techniques, pay-per-click campaigns and link building, we get your website seen on the search engines. Because we are good at getting high rankings for our clients, they have been successful in attracting more qualified traffic to their sites. And, with more qualified traffic, they’ve experienced increased leads and sales and, real business growth.

What is SEO Marketing Services and SEO Web Design?

The process of improving the websites in order to achieve higher ranking in Search Engines in known as Search Engine Optimization.

The main objective for creating a website by any company is to make aware of about the company and its products / services. For this, Internet marketing plays an important role in driving the visitors to site using SEO techniques. Now, it becomes essential that the site should be listed in the top pages of the search engines and upbeat the competitor's site. The process of getting search engines to pay attention to your website requires specific, personalized service. To achieve this, proper SEO tools and techniques are applied to the site to achieve higher rankings and make site search engine friendly.

Good Ranking, Better Leads, Best sales

Owning a website is not synonymous to internet/web marketing. You may have the best website; however, it might as well not exist if there are no visitors. Optotelelinks can be the catalyst here; it can generate traffic of potential visitors to your website and convert them into genuine leads. We don't give you random traffic, but a targeted traffic of visitors searching for the specific services and products you are offering. We use web marketing tools that will give you the fastest and highest returns on your website investment.

Optotelelinks applies the latest strategic tools of web marketing to get genuine visitors to your site in the most cost-effective way. The Optotelelinks team can promote and sell your products or services in a visually pleasing yet Internet savvy way. We employ strategic internet marketing campaigns to drive potential visitor traffic to boost up the value of your investment in having a web presence. The whole array of web marketing services at Optotelelinks are exclusively designed to bolster your chances of getting high rankings in multiple, well-defined searches. We help you develop and execute your web marketing plans and enable you to earn the maximum returns from your investment.

Key Web Marketing Devices at Optotelelinks

We take care of our client's corporate image by helping them target their prospective audience through crucial web marketing devices and other related web prmotions services like;

  • Internet Advertising
  • Email marketing
  • eCommerce solutions
  • Web Business management
  • Affiliate Marketing Consultation
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • HTML code service
  • Link building(backward & forward links)
  • Site monitoring
  • Website evaluation
  • Banner creation
  • Research analysis and tracking
  • Mini site development

Search Engine Optimization, not an Option but a Necessity

Optotelelinks is a top internet search engine optimization specialist that can help you make the most of your website. We guarantee that any potential visitor will find your website first before they see any other competitive websites as your website will be highly ranked and appropriately listed in the search engines. Optotelelinks will guide you all the way with the complete and innovative search engine optimization techniques.

We, at Optotelelinks research the relevant keywords searched/employed by web users in your market; assess the sites competing for the particular keyword(s) and implement strategies that can give your website the highest possible ranking with any of the search engines. We also manage link campaigns to produce the maximum effect. Optotelelinks can improve the search engine ranking of your website with affordable guaranteed search engine optimization and placement program.

Optotelelinks employs innovative and ethical search engine optimization techniques that can increase the ranking and generate more traffic with higher conversions in the most risk free and cost effective way.

Get increased traffic, greater exposure, more hits and more sales to make your internet/web marketing a success. Achieve immediate returns on your web investment with Optotelelinks. Contact for professional search engine optimization services.

We work closely with you to understand your business and exceed your marketing goals. We consider ourselves a part of your team. You will always receive excellent customer support because we won't stop working until you are completely satisfied

Step Wise Guide for SEO Process

(1) Discovery - The important process in optimization process is keyword research. We’ll help you select the keywords as possible relating to your Website that will drive traffic from your target group. We will create a selection using single keywords, keyword combinations and variations like singular, plural and synonyms. Additionally we will find out how often the defined keywords are being searched every month to select the right keywords for the long term. Basically the keywords will be the identification of search terms normally people use to find a site of your kind.

(2) ROI analysis - Finding the most valuable keywords for your Website. The most generic keywords are the most widely searched, but also the most competitive, and sometimes bring mediocre conversion rates. Generally, phrases that most accurately describe specific qualities of a site yield the highest ROI.

(3) Competitive Analysis - Last but not least is the analyzing the strength of competitors for potential keywords is the major step taken in the optimization process. Competitive factors include how attentive sites are to optimization issues and the number of relevant inbound links they have received. This phase will give you an overview of the competitive landscape on any given search term.

This analysis will provide you with your competitor's strengths and weaknesses along with ranking and marketing information. We also provide you with an Initial Positioning Report that provides a specific look at where you and your competition are currently positioned among the major search engines and directories. This report sets the bar and gives us an opportunity to provide you a “before and after” picture of your progress.