Offshore Development Centre [ODC]

- Office Located at prime IT location in Noida and Bangalore, India.
- 2 very well furnished office premises totaling 15000 Square Feet.
- Excellent working atmosphere with centrally air-conditioned office.
- Equipped with all the facilities needed for offshore application development environment.
- Adequate fire safety systems.
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- Experienced management team with more than 10+ years experience.
- More than 100+ well experienced professional's team with thorough technical background.
- All technical staff are Master's or Bachelor's of Computer Application or IT engineering.
- Technology Specific experts working on technology specific projects.
- Young and talented professionals.
- Highly skilled & experienced personnel, well conversant with English language.
- More than 90% retention ratio for staff, most staff working with us for more than 2 years. 40% staffs have been with us for more than 4 years.

Hardware / Software
Work Stations

- 140 full blown INTEL Powered workstations for software / application development.
- 7 Separate nodes for quality control i.e. application testing.
- High-end workstations, cards and infrastructure for professional Multimedia and Graphic Designing work.
- Adequate storage area with full Security. Multiple Linksys NAS200 device(s) with 1 Tb Hard Drives for data storage. - Powered with Genuine license software.
- High Speed scanners and required network Laser and Colour Printers.

Server & Network

- Separate Server room with Backup facility for Power failures.
- Data storage on NAS with scheduled remote storage for disaster recovery.
- High end XEON Quad processor based SCSI RAID 5 enabled server for higher performance and redundancy.
- 1000 Mbps Manageable Intel Switch.
- Windows 2000 Advanced server [ADSI].
- Windows 2003 SBS server.
- Exchange server for internal communication [Intranet emails for secure communication]
- Employees have access to email / calendar / contacts on Mobile using Push Technology.
- Red Hat Linux FC server for Java development tools.
- Managed Router for internet sharing with policy restriction.
- Wireless office for mobile computing, with remotely manageable router.


- Internal LAN connection on CAT-5 / CAT-6 cable structure.
- Wireless Network with WPA security.
- 12 Mbps dedicated DSL connection with 1 Mbps backup connection.
- Managed Firewall with policy based restrictions which allow white / grey / black listing of sites and content for better data security and spyware protection
- Sonic Managed Hardware Firewall with usage monitoring software / equipment.
- Firewall analyzer tools for internet activity monitoring.
- NAT enabled internet for directors and managers for voice and Video conferences.
- Equipped with VOIP facility for overseas contacts and communication.
- Local Phone numbers for USA, UK, European clients to communicate with our team.
- Linux and Windows 2003 servers in USA data centre for hosting applications and remote data transfer. We also provide staging server to our clients which stimulates an environment they will be hosting their website.
- VPN connection for remote access by designated employees and clients.
- Multiple Internet providers with MUX [Multiplexer] for automated bandwidth switching.
- Live IP for remote and restricted access to the development servers.

Data storage
As we sign the NDA and contracts with the clients, the data security is a very utmost priority for us, hence we are well equipped with all required data storage, disaster recovery and data security.

Data storage
- All data is stored on our Active directory servers and are regularly backed up on the RAID 5 servers.
- Also the incremental data backup is taken on NAS [Network access storage], which we call "Entrepot", which is 1 Tb RAID 5 Network access storage. Sensitive data is migrated to our dedicated data storage servers in USA to make sure we have disaster recovery for data in case of failure of any hard drives / servers or by any natural calamities.
- Source codes of all the projects are stored on the server with restricted access.
- We also perform automated daily and weekly manual backup on the USB mass storage devices which are placed safe on other location then office.

Data Security, access control and firewalls
We are equipped with the latest equipments and constantly invest / plan and audit security and access control to our premises, data and internet activities.

- We are equipped with Fortinet FG 60 firewall for policy enforcements for internet activities.
- These policies are regularly audited using the manage engine "Firewall Analyzer" software which allows us to audit each activity of each node of our network.
- This also allows the secure VPN access to our clients. For more details about client access please click here
- We have biometric [Finger print] access control to our premises, hence personals with access control can access our premises / data.
- Our office is also equipped with the CCTV and IP camera, which allows the recording and monitoring of premises/ audio / video from remote location.
The live demo of this system can be showed to our clients to ensure that we have this systems working and upgraded as well as audited regularly, and we welcome our customers to ask us for the demo any time.

Facilities for client work flow management, testing / Demo and knowing project status

- We have a self developed system which allows client to see the status of their project by logging in to the system.
- Clients can see their project status documentation, timesheets and work logs for their project(s), which enables a full transparent system. Also the live application development can be accessed by client; this gives second to second update on project. So client can check project work / status at his own time avoiding dependency of a PM or PL to report him.
- Client can also assign tasks to the team members using this system.
- Dedicated windows 2000, windows 2003 and Linux web staging servers on Multiple OC3 [13 Gbps] bandwidth for application testing and client presentation [staging server] located in USA for deployment testing of the applications. So before the application is hosted on clients web server, client(s) can actually test the application in live environment, which reduces the deployment issues.

In-house Training facilities

With ever changing technologies and client needs, we have in-house training facility equipped with projectors and several other interactive tools to keep our team up to date with the technology and overseas culture. The training is mainly focused on below points.

- Communication
- English Enhancement skills
- Upgrades on technology [New upcoming technologies]
- Presentation of best practices based on experience.
- Sharing and updates on the solutions developed by company so other clients can benefit from it.
- Various technologies related to development and deployment.
- Discussion of project cases [problems, discussions, solutions]
- Enhancements in the existing system with open floor discussion and suggestions.

Communication Infrastructure

- Facilities for voice chat on each workstation enabling instant conversation between our team and clients. All chat, file transfers are monitored and recorded for auditing purpose to serve client better and learn from mistakes.
- Equipped with 24X7 VOIP facilities for overseas contacts and communication.
- MSN, Yahoo and AOL instant messengers on each workstation enables clients to be in contact with whole team.
- Voice facilities on SKYPE, MSN also available for team to interact with clients.
- Projector / LCD TV system for Audio and video conferencing.
- Desktop sharing tools like Whizmeeting, Microsoft Shared view to enable interactive demo.