Custom CRM Development

Customer is the most important factor of any business, and relationship with new and prospective customer is even more important. CRM was a term that was used by mainly the big companies to manage their customers, records and their surveys.

But with the custom CRM development Optotelelinks has taken the CRM [customer relationship management] to a new and different level, now even small and medium businesses can also make use of CRM and take maximum benefits of automated responses, activity audit and marketing perspectives.

Concept Infoway has built a web based CRM, which enables the business to access the data from any part of world with customized access restriction. Most part of CRM is also available on mobile.

Features of CRM

- Customer contact management
- Calendar for appointment and tasks
- Notes
- Documents
- Tasks
- Time cards
- Marketing
- Surveys
- Poll
- News Letters
- Email
- Outlook integration so contacts, notes and calendars are synced from Web to Outlook and vice versa
- Mobile version for mobile users
- Bug tracking system [Manufacturing, Service and IT Business Specific]
- Dashboard for updates on summary
- Fully customizable access control so you can specify which user can access what in the system
- Quick Summary Tab to show the last 10 activities for each module
- Automated emails about tasks, pending tasks, bugs, status etc.
- OLAP and MIS [Detailed drill down reporting]
- Rich graphical user interface
- Detailed reporting for each activity.

Can CRM integrate and work with your existing system?
Yes, as CRM is fully customizable, we can integrate and fetch / post records to and from your existing applications. So for instance you have an ecommerce application and you want the records to be inserted into the CRM, we can do that, and that can be done automatically.

Also we can create any custom module for you as per your business requirement.