Flash / Flex Development

Optotelelinks offers gratifying flex programming solutions which are functional and cost effective as well. With a strong background and experience in Flex Programming, we have constantly explored emerging technological avenues, pioneering breakthroughs that result in client satisfaction and success. With sound domain knowledge we aim to deliver value to our customers through our innovative solutions and unrivalled services.

Flex is a framework for building highly interactive web applications that deploy consistently on all major browsers, desktops, and operating systems. Flex creates SWF files that are rendered by Flash Player. Flex applications are delivered on the web via the Flash Player or to the desktop via Adobe AIR.

Applications developed using Flex assures rich user experience through intuitive interaction with the application and presents information in a visually rich interface. It empowers advanced interactivity between client and server allowing high performance data transmission. The end-compiled output is Flash, which is the most ubiquitous client software world over.

Flex and your business:

Our dedicated team of Flex programmers has professionally completed a variety of outsourcing software development projects. We have been among pioneers to use Flex capabilities efficaciously and offer ultimate and compelling solutions to customers.

We create action and interaction; and enliven your website with flash.

At Optotelelinks, we add animation and interactivity to our clients' websites and ensure that your graphic message is both eye-catching and effective.

Our developers use ActionScript, the built-in programming language of Flash to incorporate intelligent functionality into a Flash application. We combine the use of ActionScript with a back-end system to create an advanced and interactive Flash application.

We use Flash development tools to:

  • Create interactive, interesting, fast paced multimedia presentations
  • Build brand awareness and enhance brand identity
  • Augment customer satisfaction
  • Boost marketing initiatives
  • Showcase ideas in ways never possible before

We optimize our Flash files for the web to ensure quick loading time. Optotelelinks can help you take your corporate vision to new levels with powerful Flash solutions, custom built around your ideas. We use Flash to do array of services for our clients from creating attractive product demos to animating an otherwise static page or describing a process in an interactive way. Flash development at Optotelelinks combines a high level of creativity with technical virtuosity.

The Optotelelinks design team is fully equipped to meet all your Flash specifications by creating:

  • Animated Logos
  • Product Showcases
  • Interactive Presentations
  • Virtual Tours
  • Flash Business Card CD Presentations
  • Company Presentations
  • Web Site Introductions
  • Banner Ads

It's not just what you use, but how you use, that matters

Optotelelinks has the right mix of creative design know-how and technical expertise to develop Flash applications that are intuitive to use and functionally far superior than your average Flash site. We have developers experienced in building complex tools, integrating images, voice, and video into interactive learning environments. Optotelelinks's creative Offshore Flash Application Development team uses avant-garde tools like:

  • Flash Professional 8
  • Macromedia Flash MX and Director
  • Action Script and XML
  • Swish
  • Swift 3D and 3D Max
  • Sound Forge
  • Adobe Premiere

Our design and development team has fashioned an in-house online Flash Tool that can easily build and update a full scale multimedia Flash Website on-the-fly, without any programming. All you have to do is just click a few inter-active buttons to have a new Flash website within minutes.

We offers the following Flex Development Services:-

1) Consulting, business analysis and specification development.

2) Flex/Flash programming.

3) Server-side programming with the usage of PHP, Java or .NET technologies.

4) Flash design