CMS Development and Integration

In the current economic scenarios and with more and more business getting online, the importance of managing the information online is becoming very critical, if your website or online store is out of date with information or with the live stock or product information it results in losing the client and hence the business.

The main reason for most clients not updating their website is because they are dependent on their web development team to do the changes and upload it, also there are considerable time delays as the developer has to get the work approved from the client before going online and this all procedure is time consuming.

So if your business

- Does not have the real time content online
- Have old information for the product of your business online
- Have not uploaded the new projects or content online
- Is having delays in getting content online because you do not have control of your website content
- You do not know how to do website
- and if you want to overcome all above bottleneck and want to manage your website and its content / product by yourself then CMS [content management system] development in india is the best option.

In India Optotelelinks has mastered CMS development for their clients, which provides them the full flexibility to

- manage their content / products online
- manage stock on their own without any help of web developers
- can update the news and product details in real time
- Maintain whole website without any knowledge of wed designing, Yes, without any technical knowledge, what you should know is just typing your content like you do with word or excel.
- Saves you a lot of money as you don't have to pay your developers for any updates that you want to do.

Optotelelinks with its Hugh experience of development and delivering more than 800 CMS in India during last 9 years can help you create your business identity online using

1.Ready available open source cms
2.Or create tailor-made cms for your business which gives you exact what you require for your business.
3.We can also create a cms which can talk to your legacy system [like in-house system] and update the stock / content online, so you don’t have to do it manually, this means complete automation.
4.As soon as you put the content in the cms it starts showing up on the website.

So if your business is facing any of the challenges as mentioned above and want to break free from the developer dependency, please contact us for cms [content management system] development in india at a very affordable price and yes, as said before no programming knowledge required on your part.